Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The recording of "Just before the Dawn" - Skye Ladder

"Just before the Dawn"   - I do love recording , getting to be creative after a hard days work is the best feeling in the world.   Check out our latest addition,  we have still to add proper vocals and I need to work out a lead keys break but quite pleased with the results so far.


So to the song meaning, well its  about dying , apparently most people die between 2am - 3am as the body is at the lowest point and in the Summer thats just before the dawn.  So in other words its about meeting your maker and going into the light.  I know,  I know doom and gloom  - but you have to have one on the album :0) .
Lots of love
Janie and Paul xx

Skye Ladder Band

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Spotlight on Jacamo Plus and Tall sized mens wear

At last we have a trendy plus sized mens shop doing affordable Tall mens clothes.
Just recently my fella Paul  ( now called The model lol) ordered three tees from Jacamo.

Pauls 6 foot 2 and takes anything from a 2XL - 3 XL, he has particular problem in that he has a very tall back and this causes him issues re getting tops that go past his tummy.

Hes the kind of bloke that likes a bit of space in his clothes, hates anything formal or constricted around his neck and comfort is what hes after.  I think he was pleasantly suprised at how trendy these tops were.

First top he tried on was this one - Label J Mens Fight Graphic T-Shirt Long 3 XL £18.00  ( Cotton.) 

Paul says this tee feels funky, cool, comfy and good quality. 

 Nice Guitar Paul!

Jacamo Basic Layered T-Shirt Long 3 XL £15.00 - (65% Polyester, 35% Cotton.)

So Paul what issues do you find when purchasing clothes?

"Finding clothes that are long enough, having a very long back makes it extremely difficult to purchase shirts/tees and general tops that are long enough.  So Jacamos tall fitting tops being an extra couple of inches longer make a better fit for me personally."

So do you have the same issues with Trouser then?

"No because I have quite short legs, but luckily for me, again ,  Jacamo do shorter length trousers as well  - so I'm a winner all round"
So why did you pick this top then? 
"I like the simple design, and the inset around the neck, colors great for me too, well so Janie says so".

So finally to the Jacamo B.D.C Polo Shirt Long 3 XL £18.00 - (65% Polyester, 35% Cotton.) 

Paul  quotes,  " its a nice shirt to wear out to a smart bar or restaurant, again the length of the shirt is brilliant and the cut is just right".

and finally to the pup "suzie says goodnight and bless " xx

In case you;re wondering Pauls the guitarist and songwriter for the following bands.

Skye Ladder Band

Call me DIVA Band

Fab fun at the Simply Be Bury store UK and the Magic Mirror

Friday managed to finish work early as Paul had a doctors appointment for his shoulder. Doc was so lovely very concerned about the pain that hes suffering and lack of sleep. As you know Paul  (hubbys) is having a follow up operation to the one he had in October for the AC joint.  Thankfully the doc has now signed him off work officially so he will now hopefully get a bit of rest whenever he needs it. 
So after coming out of the docs Paul told me that the dogs were going to make me a Mothers Day meal on Sunday  ( dont worry he is mad) so we went off to Bury to M&S to see if they had any Aberdeen Angus beef joints. Bury at that time was suprising busy, if you've never been to Bury the shopping area is split into an old and new area "Bury Rock" that was created last year. Its fun of great shops such as "Simply Be", "M&S", Debenhams and food and drink places such as "Neros" ( we nipped in and I had a medium cappuccino which was massive and a goats cheese panini - yum. )
Simply Be Bury is in the plush "Bury Rock" side :0 )

Being a Simply Be fan I thought I may as well pop in and see if theres anything I fancied, whilst Paul went looking for the beef joint ( mans work ha ha)  :0)
This is the second time I've been to the store, its a a great store , quite large, and when I went it was rather  empty which I guess reflected the time I popped in   (However ladies , make sure you visit your Simply Be stores and shop otherwise they'll go the same way as Evans  - be warned.!) 
Upon entering the store,  I was greeted by one of the store ladies who I discovered later was called "Gina".   She was great , left me to browse and then asked after about 20 minutes if there was anything she could do.  Gina is a great representative for Simply Be, shes not only got a great plus sized figure but she also very bright and bubbly as well.  Gina suggested a couple of outfits and I was a bit   - mmmm not sure - looks a bit short/revealing for me. 
But I tried them on and I am glad I did, ( she was right )  as I would never have thought of wearing either of these outfits.  But I love them.
If you have never tried the Magic Mirror , you  have to , its tremendous fun.  Basically , you try your outfit on  and then stand in front of the  Mirror which is situated in the changing area.   Press the button on the mirror to take a pic and stand in front and pretend your a model ( the posier the pose the better lol).   You can then either post your pics to facebook ( thats what I did ), email them to yourself or print them off.    I tell you its a brilliant invention, really helps you decide if something suits you , but you can also get your friends to take a look as well,   Clever Simply Be :0) 

Anyway heres a some of the pics  - tell me what you think.  Should I buy?

Printed Playsuit - size 20 £40.00

Nice Socks !

Grazia Fringed Shrug  £40.00  size 18 and Grazia Belted Jersey Jumpsuit size 18 £55.00

My Stats and info  
Height  5:8, Size 18/20, Leg Length 31, Shape - Apple
Modeling                                                                                                                                    http://janie.skyeladder.com/   (model/singer page)

Skye Ladder Band



http://janiebritton.blogspot.com/  ( Diva/Fashion/Music/Photography)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Skye Ladder - recording news around "Million"

Just back from the studio, love it there, so quiet, full of creativeness, we've managed to get down what I heard in my head. Piano and pretty guitar, laid down and also managed to create a mini string section, violin/viola/cello . Could do with the real thing really but I'm actually quite surprised how good its all sounding. Just need to lay down the vocals next week . Have a listen and let me know what you think its very draft and unmixed.


Skye Ladder Band

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Part Two - xx - Simply Be Doncaster Shop Launch - with new Simply Be Model Abi Hill

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was invited to the launch of the Simply Be Doncaster Shop. 

The shop is on the 1st floor of the lovely Frenchgate Center which is very elegant, lots of nice little shops and coffee type places.  The center itself has also got great , well I'd almost describe them as cubby style seating areas  - very comfy and private for discreet gatherings and girly/boyfriend type  stuff. 

So to the shop itself, as soon as I walked in I was greeted with a glass of champers , very nice , and a lady with a platter of finger foods ( looked nice but with moi and my allergies I declined – didn’t really want my face to turn into a chip monk that night TBA).

Big smile from the lovely Abi Hill , so I went over and said hello  ( as mentioned on the simply be site  - I felt very short in comparison to Abi   ( I’m 5:8 and was wearing flats so that’s my excuse)   mind you she did have totally massive heels on  - I mean girl how the heck did you walk in those? )

Abi, if you have never met her is a total inspiration she has progressed from winning beauty pageants to winning the Simply Be plus sized model hunt competition 2011.Shes tall , beautiful and a real plus sized girly girl.  I found it interesting and surprising that we  had one thing in common though and that was our shape  ( even though you would never guess lol) , we are both upper hourglass and lower apple :0) .

Interesting facts about Abi
Name - Abi Hill
Height - 5:11.5
Dress Size -  16
Age - 21

So after finishing chatting to Abi I had a good look around the store, everything was beautifully laid out as you would expect, with the latest clothes, some great Joe Brown and Frock & Frill, next salary :0).   Whilst I was looking at an item of clothing I was asked if I’d like a fashion makeover, apparently there are advisers in the store that will act almost like personal shoppers and bring clothes to you to try on  - very cool. I declined the offer that night , but what a marvelous idea.

Here you see some of the lovely staff and a gentleman looking slightly bemused :0) .  

I also got chatting to this lady and didnt even catch her name  (how rude am I!)  .

I love the blue dress, she was so helpful, we talked for ages about the clothes and she was very interested to hear about my online shopping experience versus my actual shop experience. She was very versed with regards currently trends, colors and what would suit your particular shape.  Lovely lady, and a perfect representative for Simply Be clothes.

So whilst I was mid chat , a lady with a Mic came hurtling towards me from across the store,  ( I thought heck what have I done!)  She said,  “ Could I ask you a question , so you can win some money to spend in the shop” ,  daft question I thought ,  of course you can.   So she preceded to ask me “Which member of Westlife was married to Kerry Katona”, "errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   oh yes is it Brian I whispered"  ( with a little help from a friend standing close by phew! ) . 

“Whoooo congratulations you;ve just won £20.00 to spend in store. “   Well if I didn’t have ammunition to spend before I certainly did now.   So off to the lingerie section I went ,  Abi came over and offered her advice, then left me umming and arghing whilst she went off to do her model duties.    ( I am so very indecisive re lingerie )

Another assistant came up and said to me “Oh that’s a  nice set , my mum has just bought it, I asked her how old her mum was and she said ”55” . 

I was feeling particularly naughty and said “Oh ,you;ve put me off now I’m much younger, what a thing to say ”, and started to walk away,  the poorly girlie nearly died on the spot, she was totally mortified ha ha  ( my big sis will tell me off  for that one lol) .  

I did catch up with her later though and showed her that I’d purchased the exact set that I had teased her about lol.   See below my lovely lingerie, I just need a special occasion to wear it for now  - mmmmmmm!.

The Champers and foot platters didn’t stop all night ( nice) , there was a hairy moment were one of the servers collided with one of the clothes rails and the drinks went flying, glass everywhere, which was a shame poor girl – hope she was okay.

So to the big moment and lets cut the ribbon .


All in all , it was a fabulous night :0)
So, time to go  ( feet are aching and this ladys sleepy) , on the way out I was asked did I really have to go?
 "Yes I'm super tired I replied" and was given a big smile combined with a lovely to see you and a goody bag  ( nice touch).

Contents of the Goody Good Bag
Zandra Rhodes Scarf  ( I love scarves, I feel a picture coming on)
Green bangle ( which will be my sisters when I visit her xx) 
Simply Be Lipsill
Simply Be pocket mirror  ( very pretty and just in time my last one sadly broken  ( ah bad luck) 
Simply Be nail file ( loved this and nearly lost it to my bestee) 
Chocolate  ( okay I couldnt eat these being one of the "Sugar People" but hubbie and the pups enjoyed) 
Bottle of water  ( muches gratious) 
Coffee? ( strange choice but hubby thanks you lol)
Simply Be Catalog

Thanks Simply Be xxxxxxxx   you’re simply B-eautiful