Wednesday, 28 September 2011

What a good day for a spot of modelling! - Liverpool Fashion Week and Butterfly

Hello all, Not sure if you all know but I've started to do some amateur modeling.
Check out my page on facebook.
Hubbys also building me a website as we speak.

Well thats not all, oh no , I thought I'd tell you all about some exciting news that I've had recently .
Firstly I got into the top ten "Face of Rossendale" competition, although I didn't win, some young slim thing did lol.  I managed to secure a spot doing the Catwalk in Liverpool fashion week for Evans and Butterfly, which I'm totally and utterly delighted at.  The Cat Walk training starts on Saturday, so I'll try and take some pics and tell you all about it next week, apparently I'm going to be taught how to be fierce.  Groooooooooooowll.  The press are going to be there Saturday so we've been told to glam up, bring a jacket  ( for that over the shoulder Catwalk look)  and  bring my heels so lets go with my new Simply Be stuff. Check these babies out 4.5 inches of totally lush shoes, arent they stunning,  I just need my Anna Scholz top to turn up now so I can look a totally hot babe :0) .

Also please make sure you check out the LFW , website I'm walking on the 20th of October at "NEWZ" bar and its being  hosted by the fabulous and totally gorgeous Alison Hammond.
 Its only a tenner to get in and you get entertained all night long, plus you get to see MOI being all model like so its definitely worth it :0) .

You know, the great thing about all of this is that its created some publicity for me and I've been able to mention the band as well :0)   When the scanner's working I'll add the articles , if you're in the area check out the Rossendale Free press,  next week its the St Helens Star.
I even received a congratulatory letter from Parliament!.
Well, things are looking up, eh?

Got a big, big, week next week, meeting with the band "Call me DIVA" to go over our plans for 2012 and the release date for our new single "Men of War".  Its also Paul ( Hubbie and guitarist in CME) shoulder operation ( which I'm terrified about) .
 Plus if thats not enough, I've also been put forward for a promotion board at work so have to complete a form on why I want to be promoted  ( sell myself basically)  and put together a presentation pack. So busy busy busy.  So finally I'll leave you with the lovely butterfly, catch you next week hopefully with a new hair cut off to Freddies Rawtenstall ;0)


Just a little paragraph about the designer Butterfly   - its run by a beautiful lady called Beth Leggett, shes based in Liverpool and does some great clothes, all reasonably priced.   Beth really cares about the plus sized community and even hosts what she calls Friday night "Curves and Cocktails" evenings - brilliant idea were you go along , view the merchandise and have a drinkeypoo at the same time,

"Butterfly is a online retailer selling fashionable clothing size 16+ at great prices and accessories for everyone!!"
Check them out xx