Saturday, 31 December 2011

Debenhams Beauty Club - BOXING DAY BEAUTY GIFT SET

Well, I'm a very lucky girly, I've won another competition, and this time its a fabulous makeup pack from Debenhams Benefit Beauty Range.

Quote from the website "The aptly-named BOXING DAY BEAUTY GIFT SET includes Some Kind-A Gorgeous, High Beam, Hoola - Bronzing powder and a little BADgal lash to create the biggest, baddest lashes."

Link to the website  -,default,pd.html 

I'm expecting the prize to arrive soonish, so as soon as it does, I'll add more to this blog and tell you what the pack is like :0) 

Friday, 30 December 2011

Simply B-eautiful Winters Coat from the Joanna Hope Simply Be Collection

Winters here  -  lets have a bit of  Simplybe Cheer for this marvelous knee length coat.

The coat itself is  from the Joanna Hope collection "Joanna Hope Faux Fur Trim Coat"   - Product Code: KB709IG at £104.00, the size I'm wearing is a size 22 and its  80% Polyester, 18% Viscose, 2% Elastane. Lining: Polyester.
Its also machine washing-able so no more pricey dry cleaning bills :0)

 This coat is brilliantly on trend in that it is a beautiful camel color and has the current seasons all important Faux Fur Trim Collar, which adds a lovely luxurious touch to this b-eautiful coat :0), without the cruel factor. 

This smart coat is great for most occasions  I'm personally wearing it for work, and when I go out to do lunch lol.  It has the feel of a much more expensive coat and the quality is second to none.

                             I love this fur collar :0). 

The fur collar is also detachable , if you fancy going nude. ( on my!) 

As you can see, from the cut, the coat nips in very neatly at the waist, helping to define and accentuate  my natural curves  ( or if you're more into shape my lovely apple shape/upper hourglass lol) .

In case you;re wondering I'm 5'8 and this darling of a coat really does keep out the cold and manages to cover,  rather generously,  my long back and posterior :0) . 

I normally have a problem with the length of sleeves , but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sleeves were a perfect length, just past the edge of my wrists  :0).

I think it looks good at the back as well, what do you think? 

Take a look at the lining, isn't it smart :0)


This coat would look perfect teamed with these Simply Be brown pair of knee length boots.   I rather like these ones  Product Code FV853ASXTI Wedge Suede Boot  (£100.00)  and this great hat "Fusions By East Trilby hat" Product Code KB981IG, a bargain at £25.00.  So if anybody is wondering what to get me as  belated birthday present then you have the answers above.

I've been out in this coat in the cold,  in the rain, snow and wind  (so most of our seasons) and its held up very well.

Thanks all  , hope you enjoy the coat as much as I have , see you next time. xx

Link to the coat
Joanna Hope Faux Fur Trim Coat from Simply Be

In case you lot are wondering about the tag line in the title its taken from the song I wrote called Simply B-eautiful - see link below xx.  Its one of the songs that I've written as part of my new duo "Skye Ladder"
Song by Janie Britton (Skye Ladder) "Simply-b-eautiful"

Simply Be Website

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Skye Ladder - new musical venture

November of this year took me to the beautiful  Isle of Skye.  We were late going this year , normally we are up there around August each year so we catch the long days and the beautiful sunsets.   However, poor, Paul  ( hubbie) had to have a rather nasty operation on his shoulder acromioclavicular joint  which involves all sorts of nasty things like cutting off and shaving bone eeek, so we holidayed at home instead.

Anyway  in anticipation of his 50th birthday 9th of Nov  and always lacking funds, I started to sell items on ebay, with a lot of success I must say.   I managed to save up enough to rent a cottage for a week and also pay for the fuel and a new guitar for Pauls Birthday.

So anyway, we went up to the Isle of Skye and took up a guitar and keyboard and started writing songs, the result being the birth of a new duo called "Skye Ladder"  The name  comes from us wanting to move to the Isle of Skye at some point, it also is an indication of what we would like to achieve :0) 
We've published a list of songs ( below)  and are currently recording these at Neils studio in Littlebrough.

Keep checking back on the facebook page for more details re gigs and single/album releases .

1st Album due out towards the end of 2012.

1.    Respect  ( song about the riots we experienced a few months ago)
2.    Thousand
3.    When Winter comes
4.    Plastic
5.    Poor Kevin
6.    You kept away the rain
7.    Bruises
8.    November   (this is written in memory of Pauls mum, who left us sadly Nov 5th a few years ago.
9.    Its time to go  (This is a song about Skye specifically and with our lovely host  Mary in mind)
10.    Just before the Dawn

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Super-duper Anna Scholz prize

Good afternoon all, just recently I was lucky enough to win a massive £150.00s in the Anna Scholz Movie Quote Competition.
In case you are all unaware of Ann's designs ( shame on you I say), make sure you check out her website  - .  Anna is particularly brilliant at choosing the most beautiful and vibrant fabrics.  You'll see what I mean shortly and she is a pinnacle of the plus sized community . 

Getting back to the prize, so moi being rather savvy I decided to have a look at the fabulous sale.  Believe me when I say that the Anna Scholz sale at the moment is totally amazing.

Take a look at my first purchase.

Print Jersey Diamond Top - Color Leopard - Size 18 - £30.00 in the sale

This top is perfect for top Hourglass and Apple type shapes, in that you have a lowish neckline, great for showing just enough of your assets off ladies to make you feel womanly but not trampy if you see what I mean. The top then has almost like a diamond below and a gathered effect around the tummy area, which helps to hide those naughty rolls.   The fabric color is described as Leopard and Anna has very cleverly combined lime green, black and pink to create this fabulous print.  The fabric it self is a good heavy type material 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex  - Dry Clean and feels soft and silky. 

The thing I love about this top is not only does it make me feel like very feminine, but its also stylish and elegant  in that its a great asset to any wardrobe.  This top makes me feel great and puts a smile on my face in the dullest of days.