Saturday, 17 March 2012

Spotlight on Jacamo Plus and Tall sized mens wear

At last we have a trendy plus sized mens shop doing affordable Tall mens clothes.
Just recently my fella Paul  ( now called The model lol) ordered three tees from Jacamo.

Pauls 6 foot 2 and takes anything from a 2XL - 3 XL, he has particular problem in that he has a very tall back and this causes him issues re getting tops that go past his tummy.

Hes the kind of bloke that likes a bit of space in his clothes, hates anything formal or constricted around his neck and comfort is what hes after.  I think he was pleasantly suprised at how trendy these tops were.

First top he tried on was this one - Label J Mens Fight Graphic T-Shirt Long 3 XL £18.00  ( Cotton.) 

Paul says this tee feels funky, cool, comfy and good quality. 

 Nice Guitar Paul!

Jacamo Basic Layered T-Shirt Long 3 XL £15.00 - (65% Polyester, 35% Cotton.)

So Paul what issues do you find when purchasing clothes?

"Finding clothes that are long enough, having a very long back makes it extremely difficult to purchase shirts/tees and general tops that are long enough.  So Jacamos tall fitting tops being an extra couple of inches longer make a better fit for me personally."

So do you have the same issues with Trouser then?

"No because I have quite short legs, but luckily for me, again ,  Jacamo do shorter length trousers as well  - so I'm a winner all round"
So why did you pick this top then? 
"I like the simple design, and the inset around the neck, colors great for me too, well so Janie says so".

So finally to the Jacamo B.D.C Polo Shirt Long 3 XL £18.00 - (65% Polyester, 35% Cotton.) 

Paul  quotes,  " its a nice shirt to wear out to a smart bar or restaurant, again the length of the shirt is brilliant and the cut is just right".

and finally to the pup "suzie says goodnight and bless " xx

In case you;re wondering Pauls the guitarist and songwriter for the following bands.

Skye Ladder Band

Call me DIVA Band

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  1. fantastic, i too also ordered my bf some clothes, i doubt ill get him to pose... but i may just ask him!!! Great idea!