Thursday, 26 July 2012

Demo for Lost Horizons - Skye Ladder

New demo, just back from recording the vocals and adding some weird chanting to Lost Horizons, still some cool organ to add into the break but you get the gist x

Listen to more Skye Ladder here

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Favorite trend Summer 2012 - King and Queen of Scarves

I’ve always been a big fan of scarves, so it was no surprise to me when they came back this summer in a big way.  Scarves are a great accessory, in that they add a level of color, beauty and sophistication to any outfit.   
Look at my collection :0) , I have scarves from Skye Batiks, Tie Rack , Evans and M&S as well as lots of lovely boutique type stores.

It’s amazing how a simple scarf can transform your look. 

For instance you could tie the scarf around your middle, adding a flash of color that pulls in and defines your waist line.    

Or you could tie it around your forehead and produce an almost bandana effect.

This is a Skull scarf from Bury Market

Pauls Scarf is from Burtons  (isnt he cute and how nice is he to let me play dress up lol )

Combination of Evans scarf around my head and Skye Batiks around my neck.

You can even use scarves to tie up your hair.

 Or just wrap it around your neck in the standard way to keep those chills out.

The great thing about Scarves is that come in a variety of colors and fabrics. My favorite at the moment is faux fur, I just love the feeling of the fabric against my neck, so warm, comforting and luxurious, just pure heaven.   Hint hint hubby :0)

Interestingly enough the scarf effect has also taken the form of scarf dresses, named predominately because of their prints, color and amazing fluidity within the cut of the fabric.

Check out the Simply Be one here for £24.00

 You can even make your own scarf dress following these easy instructions.

Foundation faker - Benefits - some kind of gorgeous medium
Bronzer - Benefits Hooler
Eye Lashes - Benefits Bad Girl lashes
Black eyeliner - Chanel
Eyeshadow - Urban Decay
Lipstick Chanel - no 14 Rouge Allure 
 So take a fashion tip and get rummaging around and find one that best suits you, xx.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Plus North July 2012 sponsored by Simply Be - Beauty, Curves and Confidence

Plus North , what an amazing event.
Sponsored by Simply Be 

As soon as I heard about the Plus North event and the fact that there was a bloggers catwalk , modelling Simply Be clothes,  I knew I had to be part of it.  A Brilliant lovely safe environment for people to accept the size they are and not be judged - perfect :0)   

 For those of you , who didn't make it,  well shame on you lol,this was an incredible event celebrating Beauty , Curves and Confidence! The event was held on the 7th of July at the totally beautiful Aspire venue in Leeds, not that far from the train station so cracking location.

 Say hi to the lovely organizers, Becky and Toni,   fellow bloggers. 

I live in Rossendale N/W so it took me about an hour to get there , parking was fairly simple,
 I planted the car at Leeds Train Station, not bad all day price at £4.00 .
When we arrived at the venue we were greeted with a big smile and a hi via our organizers Becky and Toni. 
They quickly found a comfy seat for my poorly hubbie ( who you've probably read in previous blogs has been quite ill recently and still using crutches).

As you can see the venue is so pretty, with  high ceilings, arched Gothic type windows and wooden floors paired with the , lovely purple and white balloons table decorations. The catwalk was on the ground floor placed right in the center , with a big screen to advertise the clothing brands.  

Also on the ground floor we had  The Mighty Boof  - a great photo booth where we could dress up and get our photos done.  Such great fun :0)

Oh and cakes with sparkly bits -  yum :0)

We also had the luxury of a free nail bar, were some lovely
ladies volunteered to do free nails in exchange for a charity donation.
Totally,  loving the green x. 

I popped up stairs to meet the rest of the bloggers and the Simply Be crew , I was very curious to find out what I was going to be wearing for the catwalk show. First thing I saw was the Simply Be merchandise area.  the colors were great and it certainly stood out from the rest of the retailers. They showed a wide range of dress's, jumpsuits,  and tops from Simply Be's own brand and a range from their designers,  Zandra Rhodes, Joe Brown and many others. Coupled with a sample sale of  hand bags,  lovely and  Gok and Simply Yours underwear.
It was an absolute delight for us fashionites. 

Whilst browsing I spotted the lovely Anita, we have been planning to meet for yonks. Anita is a great ambassador for Plus Confidence and has a group that focus's on body image.Here she is on the phone lol,  having her Benefit cosmetics applied to enhance her beauty on the catwalk.

Did you have the scouse eyebrows as well Anita?  , I cant remember.

There were also some great retails on the 1st floor  - Excite clothing were located in the top left hand side, They had some great clothes, unfortunately I didn't take any pics doh!.  However I did love this dress which retails for £27.00.
Excite clothing Embellished Black stud Dress.

One great discovery at this show was Dea London, if you get to see their clothes you will understand what I mean. I tried a couple of jackets on, oh the quality was lovely.  Great colors, fabrics and cut - just wonderful. I would love to model these clothes. On their website they say "Quality garments made for the everyday goddess in the working place." I couldn't agree more, there are no prices on the website so I haven't got a clue how much these clothes are , however these are pretty much tailored to your fit so you can imagine. However I am positive, that you would look and feel a million dollars, I'll let you know :0) . 

Evans also had a display, the only thing I really saw that caught my eye was this lovely B&W dress. 
I did ask if I could try the dress on but was politely declined - oh well!

So down to what I got to wear on the catwalk. 

Whoooo to Simply Be. 

Well here you see moi in my new play-suit from Simply Be.
I love it, its so colorful, funky, fun, a bit retro and so comfortable and me totally down to a tee :0)
Big thanks to Simply Be for letting me keep it xxxxxxxxx.
Simply Be - Ruby Rocks Print Playsuit - Size 20 £45.00

You'll see me below prancing along the catwalk, I was very excited and decided to twist turn, walk backwards and wave lol.

I also modeled some lingerie, there are some pictures here however you'll probably get a better view from the video below, so I apologize now for scaring you all lol.   -

  Thanks to the lovely Sarah Cutts for filming the event and putting it on you tube for all to see, for that Sarah we salute you xx.

I also just wanted to acknowledge the style of the following individuals, not that you all didn't look fantastic, but I just loved the way these people looked from head to foot :0)

I need that cardi in my life x

So that's it, I don't know how many people came through the door but it certainly seemed packed. 
Everybody I spoke to said it was a fantastic event , I've never ever felt so empowered and proud of who I am and I wanted to say a big thank-you to Becky and Toni for making me feel good in 
the skin that I am in xx.

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