Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I love clothes so much I even wrote a song about them - my band Skye Ladder

I love clothes especially Simplybe clothes so much I even wrote a song about them  - check out "Simply B-eautiful" 

More more Skyeladder songs   - see the attached links xx

Skye Ladder Band

Fabulous Emu Stinger Mini Sheepskin Boots from New Look

My sister was lucky enough to win a pair of boots from New Look. 
Being a fantastic sister she gave me a pair :0)  
I choose Purple  ( rocker chick you see)
Arent they fabulous. 
These boots are leather upper and sheepskin/textile interior  - they are so warm and comfortable its like walking on an expensive carpet - just wonderful.  Retailing at £124.99.


Lunch at the Dorchester with Gok Wan and Simply Yours - 13th March

So some exciting news - I've been invited as part of my blogger role to an intimate and exclusive lunch at the renowned China Tang restaurant Dorchester Hotel to meet the fabulous Gok Wan - totally excited.
 I'll be taking some pics , so I'll post more detail after the event. 
 Oh what to wear!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Skye Ladder "Neon Skies"

So if you like Call Me Diva hopefully you'll also like Jane and Pauls other side project "Skye Ladder"

There latest demo song "Neon Skies" is up on Sound Cloud - take a listen and let us know what you think.

The song itself is about the harshness of life, think big city rush versus a softer more magical quieter existence like the country were there's seemingly no pressure, a level plane that we'd all like to get to. 

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Simply Be Doncaster Store Launch - 1st March 2012

I am very excited to tell you all that I have been invited to the Doncaster Simply Be Launch  ( French Gate)  on the 1st of March  - whoooooo!.

Simply Be are one of the only plus sized stores at this time that seem to be opening stores rather
than closing them. I think this is primary down to the fact that they are completely aware of who their customer base is and seem to be absolutely spot on with regards current trends and the types of designers they attract to their brand such as Anna Scholz and Zandra Rhodes

See below , examples of their collections:  

Zandra Rhodes Necklace Tunic Dress from her first collection - now at £40.00 
This is a picture from the Zandra Rhodes launch in 2011. 

Anna Scholz  -  Glitter Tunic Dress  -now at the bargain price of £27.00
I will be wearing this dress to the Doncaster Shop Launch with black tights and knee length black boots: 0).
I'll take a picture of me in the outfit later , but for the moment you will have to suffice with the lovely Simply-be model. 

Any  way check back just after the event and I'll add in a write up and a few photos  - can't wait :0) 

I love clothes so much I even wrote a song about them  - check out "Simply B-eautiful" 


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fabulous fun collection from Style Personified - Part One

When people tell you that a models life is a bed of roses ignore them lol, its dammed hard work.
( oh and heres my new website Janie Britton model site)

As I mentioned in a previous post I was so lucky to be chosen to model for the fabulous Amanda with her new collection for Style Personified.

The day started with me getting up at 7am ,  ( I must admit to still  feeling fast asleep thanks to my dog Suzie snoring all night long, oh and hubby snoring   -  thanks guys lol) .

I''d also had a very heavy cold and my face had been very spotty and red  all week  -  so not exactly perfect for a model shoot. However, now listen ladies and gents  heres a good tip for you , hubby went out and bought some Savlon (£2.08 bargain)  for me , which I kept on applying , a bit like moisturiser throughout the week, and it did the trick, nice clear skin  - phew!.
So, anyway getting back to the day,  following the instructions from our lovely model host,   “Shave legs up to thighs  (if your  a bit of a hairy canary)", I did just that and also my underarms  - ( hairy pits are not very attractive if you're lifting your arms for instance on a photo shoot, unless its intended of course :0) ).  
Washed/Styled my hair and attempted to put a thin base foundation on my face  ( I'm very rubbish at that )  

Packed my gear and then I was ready to go, luckily the motorway was super quiet  - thanks School Hols :0) 

Phew I didnt get lost ( thanks to my trusty sat nav)  and arrived on time,  at the studio in Chorlton.
On arrival I was told that we were in the studio upstairs, so up I popped and was met by the lovely Amanda who introduced me to everybody and showed me the clothes I was going to model that day.
Oh my god , love , love , love the clothes - amazing designs for plus sized women :0) .

Managed to have a chat with the other models, it was refreshing to see that we were all a range of sizes and heights. 

Next stop   -Hair and Makeup.   I always find it interesting watching make up artists in action,  foundation and power was applied and then the makeup artist got to work on making my eyes and lashes look fabulous, with lovely tonal browns and silvers , then a slip of color on my lips and I was ready to go.

 Well now its time to get dressed  -  To be continued :00) 


Thursday, 9 February 2012

New Website for Skye Ladder and Janie

Just a quick update to say that my lovely hubbie has just created ( well started) two websites.

One just for me :0) http://janie.skyeladder.com/   were you'll see my latest news re Modeling and Music.

The other one is for my music project "Skye Ladder" . http://www.skyeladder.com/

Log on , have a look and feel free to comment xx

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Style Personified - A great new line - clothes for plus sized women

I  am very excited to tell you all , that I have been lucky enough to be asked to model for Style Personified, a great new line of clothes for plus sized women

Heres a picture of one of their tops that I tried on at a  fitting just before Christmas that is currently on sale on the website. As you can see it has a very usual neckline and is totally fabulous, I'm so excited.

The Shoots on Friday so I'll put some more details around the rest of the range and hopefully some picies from the day next week.
Wish me luck :0)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dancing on ICE - great show but oh that female judge winds me up

  I was so annoyed yet again on Sunday whilst watching "Dancing on ICE"  - such a great show but!.

Last week the female judge requested that Chemmy who is an Olympian downhill Skier was not lifted above her partners head as she was supposedly too big.

Utter rubbish and totally inappropriate , in fact the judge also said similar this week and nobody has complained.  I mean why?   It made me so mad, in fact I'm getting mad, just thinking about it again

What sort of message is this giving out to our kids ,  do we have to be skinny in order to participate in this sport?    Has the judge actually looked at Chemmy properly, she is just a lovely curvy lady and has been paired with a chappy,  of a similar height and strength so whats the issue?.

I say get a grip,  oh yes and grow up!, and lets all be  mindful of the damage that is created by careless commens like this one.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

My Favorite Winter outfit - Feeling Funky

So hello everybody , I just wanted to show you my favorite Winter outfit of the moment.
As you can see I'm totally scatty about it.

I wore it this week whilst in the studio recording songs for my band Skye Ladder
This is my Joe Brown " Hippy happy" dress from Simply Be. It has a loose crowl  soft neck line, short sleeves and a slightly flared fit and goes to just below my thigh  ( I'm 5:8 ) .

The fabric itself is of a  knitted nature, and as you can see it has a very colorful and interesting pattern to it. I like this dress because its fun and is great for young and old alik.

I've washed this a few times, and  always put it on the machine setting handwash which is a cool wash. Primarily because I find washing at this temperature tends to preserve the fabric and keep the shape, but also because I love it so much and want to keep it in good condition so I get lots and lots of use out of it.

It was an expensive buy at the time , around £50.00 which for me is pretty pricey, but as soon as I saw it , I knew that I had to have it. 
 The thing with this dress is that its so versatile, for instance you can team it with cords as I've done below for when its cold, or it could be a lovely spring dress with bare legs. 

Don’t you think its lovely?

See the below video, this is an excerpt from the recording last week, hopefully you can see the dress in full swing from this mini movie :0).  

So introducing the cast,  you have Paul on the left ( guitarist/songwriter) moi
Janie in the middle ( singer/keys/songwriter) and our producer Neil. 

 I have teamed the dress with a great pair of Grey Pipe leg Cords   from  Evans and my fur trimmed wedge boots ( man made)  also from Evans out of last years sale  ( think I paid a tenner for them :0) .Bargain.
Both of which I wear constantly and they are the staple items in my wardrobe.

Anyway thats it for today  - keep logging on and taking a look.

Model Name  - Janie Britton
Age - 44
Model Height - 5:8
Simply Be Joe Brown Dress - Size 20 - (97% Acrylic, 3% Elastane Wash label 30c, Iron 1 cool)
Evans Grey Cords - Size 20 - ( Authentic Casuals 98% cotton and 2 % Elastine, wash label 30c , Iron 2)
Evans Fur trimmed wedge boots - size 8 (Fabric Man Made)

I've been asked about makeup as well so here goes.
Eyes - Chanel  Les 4 Ombres 95 Sparking Satins  ( the dark grey on my eyes and pink and peach on my sockets) 
Lipstick -  Chanel Brilliant rouge 08
Black Eyeliner on my lids  - yes you;ve guessed it Chanel again.

Bysee for now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Janie :00 )