Sunday, 29 January 2012

Skye Ladder recording plans for this week

So this weeks recording plans  - off over to Neils Tuesday and Thursday to record as long as the snow staves off.

"Rain" - Should hopefully have the lead and backing vocals for Rain sorted and , I've also come up with a really nice flute intro. 

"Plastic People"  - Plastic lead break  ( me on keys eeeek) sorted and ready to record   - quite proud of myself for that one as I get so nervous lol and also got some great ideas for some great backing vocals.

Also hopefully laying down initial tracks for "Oh Kevin" "Bruises and  "Just before the dawn".

So whats annoying me this week!

Well the first one is a plus sized line that are using plus sized models that are described on the website as a size 20 but are clearly not.

Surely this type of thing is breaching consumer rights by advertising incorrectly?

Not only does it cause issues when customers are trying to ascertain if the fit is going to be correct, but its also a major demotivater for us plus sized ladies who are size 20/22  and over to see such a slender plus sized model being depicted as a size 20.

I have sent in a letter of complaint to the offending company , so we will see what happens.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Skye Ladder update

As you know we are in the studio recording the first Skye Ladder, with Pauls very poorly shoulder we are having to take it very slowly.   However just recently we spend a really enjoyable evening at Neils studio and managed to put down two rather rough versions of Plastic People and November. 

Let us know what you think of the arrangements, I think we're managed to capture them:0) . 

Just need to do the proper vocals/keys and guitars , hopefully on Thursday. and

Plus also take a listen to Rain

Bye for now