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Simply Be Joe Brown, we love you and a night out in Todmorden/Colne x

Well this blog is a couple of weeks old now , since it was written my hubbie was admitted to hospital with a pulmonary embolism ( blood clots in your lungs).  ( he'd previously had a shoulder operation and also managed to break his ankle )
If anybody has had one of these little devils then they will understand when I say how serious this was. Luckily hubbie is home ,  on warfarin and looking better by the day and definitely on track to making a good recover.
I just wanted to say a massive thankyou to the hospital in Blackburn for basically saving his life .
Thankyou xxxxxxx

Right back to the fashion, So, I  thought I would blog about some fantastic pieces I've got recently from my favorite store Simply Be.

As you know Joe Browns is one of the great designers that Simply Be works with and is immensely popular with us plus sized girlies because of the great fit/color/choice and their use of vibrant colors and fabrics.

So here we go, first outfit is this gorgeous dress  "The Incredible Jersey Dress" ,Product Code: JV745FE and priced at £30.00.  

 Its a lovely khaki color with  the most amazing greens, purples and blues mixed in , as it says on the website it sits below the knee and has a fantastic train to one side.  Another great thing is , the dress is cotton, our prayers have been answered we can at last look fantastic but remain cool and collated whilst we do lol.

 I spent quite a lot of time twirling in this dress. Its girly, yet has that grown up sophistication.  I totally love it and have worn it constantly since it came two weeks ago its so pretty. I've also worn it with my denim jacket from last season on nippier days.

 Hubby also loves it and says he fancies me like crazy in it so result ha ha !.

Let me know what you think  - I'm wearing a size 20 and I'm 5:8 and an apple shape :0)

So onto the next "Joe Browns in love Halter"  dress, Product Code: JV753FE and priced at 45.00

This is such a cute, cute dress, its Red ( yeah) , pink ( yeah) mixed in with blue, yellow roses, its so girly and pretty and cute ( I know I have already said that lol).   ( sorry about the white legs ).  Cotton again ladies, in a fab crinkly fabric that takes me back to when I was a kid in the 70s when we wore cheesecloth and other cotton items, ( yeah :0) .

Seriously though this is such a lovely dress, its halter neck and I know that there are some ladies who hate showing the tops of there arms.  But, I would really push the boat out and get this dress and get a wrap to go with it .  I paired mine with this great shrug,Product Code: TQ721VN at £22.00, you can get it in a miriade of colors, this ones "Magenta" but I also have it in  "White".

The dress is perfect for going out to dinner, romantic dates, long strolls in the country side, you get the message its a very romantic dress.  ( in fact its getting some use at the Secret dinners club on Wednesday next week, I'd tell you more but its secret :0) )

As you can see , its a great length, sits just on the knee and has a pretty frill around the bottom.
Let me know what you think  - I'm wearing a size 20 and I'm 5:8 and an apple shape :0)

Foundation faker - Benefits - some kind of gorgeous medium
Bronzer - Benefits Hooler
Eye Lashes - Benefits Bad Girl lashes
Black eyeliner - Chanel
Eyeshadow - Urban Decay
Lipstick Chanel - no 14 Rouge Allure

Last years stock and dinner/live music
I love  Simply Be clothes so much, that I hate throwing anything away,remember this little number. 
If you remember back I wore it at the Zandra Rhodes launch July 2011:0) , oh happy memories.
Although I did get a parking ticket doh!

Well I was sat thinking,  what can we do Saturday night, bearing in mind Paul's recovering from an operation and the silly devil also badly broke his ankle and two toes.  Ah got it dinner and lets go and see our lovely mate Neil and his band "Steel Threads". 

So off to dinner we went and ended up at the  lovely Thai cafe in Todmorden called Hanuman Thai
The actual restaurant it upstairs with the bar area and occasional live music downstairs.

I remember we launched our first single "Look into my eyes" here a few years ago  :0)

The food is super authentic and low calorie  ( I'm watching the calories and sugar intake trying to get my Diabetes well and truly under control and eating Thai food YUM does the trick ). 

As you can see from the picie hubby took at the dinner table , my hubbie appears to like a specific part of this garment  - yes you have guessed it! ( Men!) .

 What a perve lol. If I remember rightly as well I had on the lingerie set that I purchased at one of the recent Simply Be Shop Launches.
I see its still on sale here as well :0) for £30.00

Service is also great at this place and tonight was no exception, even though it was mega busy and there was a party going on upstairs, we were served really quickly.   ( they must have seen how starving I was) .

Paul in his Jacamo gear :0)

For starters, I had fried chicken and chill dip and Paul had chicken spring rolls - all very yummy. 
For main I had a  green thai curry , blimey it was hot but very tasty, Paul had a softie beef and ginger dish.  ,together with some rice and noodles ( men , you see they cant handle the chillies lol).  Both meals were so well prepared and totally scrumptious. It was super busy in there as well, somebody birthday party going on upstairs, with it being so busy I thought the service might be slow but I was wrong they were so quick.

Not sure why but the lamp was part doll, personally I was a bit freaked by it  ( I mean body-less dolls, takes you back to that horror with the evil doll "Chucky" doesn't it who killed everybody)

After dinner,  which by the way was very well priced for 2 drinks/two starters/two mains at £28.00, we traveled over to Colne to the Lord Nelson Pub to see our Neil.

Neil is part of a three piece called "Steel Threads" and they have an album out called
"Timing is everything" on Rock Sector records.

I'll be reviewing them properly but here's a taster of what they sound and look like. 

So finally
Don't forget as well that , Simply Be are sponsoring an amazing event on the 7th of July called Plus North.
Tickets are only a fiver ( diver) and there's going to be a catwalk show as well with moi and some of my fellow bloggers in it, how exciting is that :0)

Finally Finally
Let me leave you with a bit of plastic xxxxxxxxxxx from our forthcoming Skye Ladder album

Also a link to my song about clothes :0)  Simply-b-eautiful

Ta ta for now xxxxx

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