Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fab fun at the Simply Be Bury store UK and the Magic Mirror

Friday managed to finish work early as Paul had a doctors appointment for his shoulder. Doc was so lovely very concerned about the pain that hes suffering and lack of sleep. As you know Paul  (hubbys) is having a follow up operation to the one he had in October for the AC joint.  Thankfully the doc has now signed him off work officially so he will now hopefully get a bit of rest whenever he needs it. 
So after coming out of the docs Paul told me that the dogs were going to make me a Mothers Day meal on Sunday  ( dont worry he is mad) so we went off to Bury to M&S to see if they had any Aberdeen Angus beef joints. Bury at that time was suprising busy, if you've never been to Bury the shopping area is split into an old and new area "Bury Rock" that was created last year. Its fun of great shops such as "Simply Be", "M&S", Debenhams and food and drink places such as "Neros" ( we nipped in and I had a medium cappuccino which was massive and a goats cheese panini - yum. )
Simply Be Bury is in the plush "Bury Rock" side :0 )

Being a Simply Be fan I thought I may as well pop in and see if theres anything I fancied, whilst Paul went looking for the beef joint ( mans work ha ha)  :0)
This is the second time I've been to the store, its a a great store , quite large, and when I went it was rather  empty which I guess reflected the time I popped in   (However ladies , make sure you visit your Simply Be stores and shop otherwise they'll go the same way as Evans  - be warned.!) 
Upon entering the store,  I was greeted by one of the store ladies who I discovered later was called "Gina".   She was great , left me to browse and then asked after about 20 minutes if there was anything she could do.  Gina is a great representative for Simply Be, shes not only got a great plus sized figure but she also very bright and bubbly as well.  Gina suggested a couple of outfits and I was a bit   - mmmm not sure - looks a bit short/revealing for me. 
But I tried them on and I am glad I did, ( she was right )  as I would never have thought of wearing either of these outfits.  But I love them.
If you have never tried the Magic Mirror , you  have to , its tremendous fun.  Basically , you try your outfit on  and then stand in front of the  Mirror which is situated in the changing area.   Press the button on the mirror to take a pic and stand in front and pretend your a model ( the posier the pose the better lol).   You can then either post your pics to facebook ( thats what I did ), email them to yourself or print them off.    I tell you its a brilliant invention, really helps you decide if something suits you , but you can also get your friends to take a look as well,   Clever Simply Be :0) 

Anyway heres a some of the pics  - tell me what you think.  Should I buy?

Printed Playsuit - size 20 £40.00

Nice Socks !

Grazia Fringed Shrug  £40.00  size 18 and Grazia Belted Jersey Jumpsuit size 18 £55.00

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