Thursday, 16 August 2012

Skye May Fall Demo and my encounter with a badger

Another wonderful evening at Starring studio recorded the demo for "Skye may Fall" Vocals/keys and pretend trumpet.

Our producer Neil very kindly poped some driven overdrive guitar right under neath - lovely.

We need a trumpet player.  Were are you when we need you :0)  ,the one I'm thinking about has just returned from a trip around Europe so heres to hoping hes up for some recording as hes a mega talented chap :0).

This is Janie ( moi)  on keys.

Got home around quarter to twelve and as we were driving down our hill we saw a badger.

Amazing I stopped the car and we looked at each over - felt like it was forever, such a magical moment, I think we we both so suprised to see each other.  Then quick as a flash the badger darted up a path and disappeared out of my vision.

So check out the demo and let me know xxxxxxxxxx

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