Saturday, 3 November 2012

Say hello to my mum in law on bonfire night - "Francis"

On Monday its the five year anniversary of my mum in laws death. Shes called "Francis" , she was a fantastic person - she died of Emphysema ( a nasty disease that inhibits your breathing). 

We'll be celebrating with the biggest firework we can find and also say Hello Mum when we set the fireworks going. Last November whilst up in the Isle of Skye we wrote a song for her memory and its simply called "November"

Check out they are a registered charity who actively help people in North Staffordshire who have breathing problems or lung disease.
They have a just giving page here, it would be great if a few generous souls out there would help. 
 This great group are also on Facebook -
This blog goes out for everybody who has lost a mum or dad and whos missing them at this time of year. 

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