Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Another day in paradise 10/08/2011

Well todays weather seems quite fitting to the way I'm feeling today.

Wet, windy and cold dull sort of.

Woke up to devastation again on the news , Manchesters been hit now by those thugs.
Posted on facebook -
"Thank god the weathers crap - you never know with the reduction in temperature the hot heads out that might calm down and turn into human beings again."
Got some replies back that amused me - "If Northern Ireland is any model (and we are the Uk champion rioters after all), first sign of water and the brave souls fighting for deeply held beliefs fuck off back in doors so fast there's a sonic boom." and "purple permanent dye in the water!" - guess these times are sent to try us hey. 

Heres to hoping it all stops soon hey, its not been a great day - been a massive softie at work , felt a right prat then the person I have the issue with rings me up - god I hate confrontation.

Today is very significant in two ways for me in that brilliantly its my big brother Chris's birthday, if you knew Chris, you;d know what a totally great guy he is. Looks after his family loves his kids and wife to bits and if I need him hes there for me ( just like big brothers should be).
The other way is that its today that we also celebrate Pauls mums birthday, she died a few years ago , on bonfire night  ( I think shes like my dad in that she died on a date that you couldnt possibly forget - deliberate hey) . I was very very close with her and she treated me just like her daughter , lovely beautiful caring women and I miss her tremendously.

So sat here still working - crying like a softie again and contemplating what I'm going to have for my tea.
Well I promise people ( if anybody is reading this) I do get happy , however just recently I think society downs and day to day issues are winning  pushing me down.

Right on a happier note as long as money is there in the bank - I'm going to go and watch the amazing talented Ian McNabb.

Night all xxxxxxxxxxxx

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