Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Blog day one - Life , rioting and doom and gloom.

Well my first post brings with it some doom and gloom.
It appears the world has gone mad, rioting in London has now spread to Birmingham, Bristol, and closer to home Liverpool, Leeds and maybe even Manchester they think.   What I cant understand and I know a lot of people feel the same is why is this happening to us.   I sat and watched the news in horror last night , seeing children, yes children smashing up shop windows, looting, throwing objects at the police and heard reports of people being threatened. One in particular a women who was dragged out of her car , thrown to the floor and then had her car smashed up.  What the hell did she do that deserved treating so badly.  Buildings on fire, cars the same its all just madness.  If you have a gripe protest peacefully dont hurt others and destroy your own living space.

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  1. Check out Skye Ladder, we've started a new duo comprising of Jane and Paul out of Call me DIVA. One of the songs we have written is based on the Riots in August.