Sunday, 2 October 2011

How to Walk Fierce - Liverpool Fashion Week

So yesterday took me to the amazingly vibrant city of Liverpool to learn how to walk fierce in anticipation of Liverpool Fashion Week.
If you've never been to Liverpool you need to get yourself over, the place is full of fashionable beautiful people.
I nipped into Evans in St Johns Center , its a great store, very colorful, loads of great clothes. Loved the way that the clothes were paired together in to the concessions and body style, making choosing an outfit very easily.  Whilst I was in store I went for a fitting and was measured for LFW but also asked the lady to give me some advice on my shape, which I have discovered is "Apple", seeing as I like apples lol I thought it was quite amusing and apt.   To be honest it kind of makes sense looking at my clothes choice, I tend to go for things that show my bust off, preferring a fitted type look to an over flowy look which tends to make me look 9 months pregnant.  Not really what you want if you aren't! mm. 

It was a shame that I didnt have time to have a good look around the Evans Shop but I was worried that I'd be late in getting to Kingdom for the Catwalk training.   Still I have said to Paul that we will have to go back as I also need to check out Simply Be and another rather popular looking plus sized shop as well round the corner from Evans, perhaps I can go on a Friday then I can nip to Butterflys "Curves and Cocktails Evenings"  ( best make it the train instead of the car lol) .

Surprisingly I was early for Kingdom, having changed in the car and probably giving some blokes at the bus-top a  right eyeful ( oh well plus sized girls go) , we managed to park for free ( whooo0) and got to the venue in record time.  I put Paul in charge of the camera  ( oh well no pics dohhhhhhhhhhh!, poor luvs shoulder was killing him, sorry about that ) .

So I'm sat there getting nervous, the lovely Amanda spots me and sets me at my ease and the trainer turned up  ( blimey her heels were high)  and we were split into two groups, so whilst the first group was being shown how to stomp. The Butterfly ladies were directed into the VIP area to be measured,  ( VIP area was quite plush, nice room with comfy seats and a curtain separating the celebs from us mere mortals lol.)   
Beth L from Butterfly  turned up introduced herself  and her colleague and immediately set everybody at ease with her lovely calm serene type approach, then it was time for everybody to get measured and photographed.  Cant wait to see what Beth chooses for me to wear :0)

Once measured and photographed I thought I'd better go and see what was expected stomp wise, well it was a different walk, you sort of walked along putting one foot/leg over the over. If you ever watch ponies doing dressage it was similar sort of effect, very elegant but accentuated.  We were asked to walk with attitude, the bolder the better and really push to sell the clothes.  The quality of girls there was amazing , these girls are seriously beautiful  ( I felt very ugly lol).

I was slightly nervous, walking in front of all those beauties, but you do get the hang of it eventually, a few kind words from our trainer and off we went to the back of the queue whilst the rest of the girls had their go stomping down the imaginary cat walk.
So whats next well, practice, practice, practice, I need to get my heels on , walk up and down in the hall and practice my poses and practice selling selling those clothes.

You guys must make it to the show I beg of you as its gonna be amazing. Get your tickets now from the LFW Website  xxxxxx

Byseee for now  - see you on the other side xxxxxxxx

Janie Britton

Please also check out the links below xx (Janies band - "Call me DIVA" , original pop rock band based in Lancashire )

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  1. So what has Janie the singer been up to - bit of catwalk for Liverpool Fashion Week no less - catch her in action via this link :0)