Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Super-duper Anna Scholz prize

Good afternoon all, just recently I was lucky enough to win a massive £150.00s in the Anna Scholz Movie Quote Competition.
In case you are all unaware of Ann's designs ( shame on you I say), make sure you check out her website  - http://www.annascholz.com .  Anna is particularly brilliant at choosing the most beautiful and vibrant fabrics.  You'll see what I mean shortly and she is a pinnacle of the plus sized community . 

Getting back to the prize, so moi being rather savvy I decided to have a look at the fabulous sale.  Believe me when I say that the Anna Scholz sale at the moment is totally amazing.

Take a look at my first purchase.

Print Jersey Diamond Top - Color Leopard - Size 18 - £30.00 in the sale

This top is perfect for top Hourglass and Apple type shapes, in that you have a lowish neckline, great for showing just enough of your assets off ladies to make you feel womanly but not trampy if you see what I mean. The top then has almost like a diamond below and a gathered effect around the tummy area, which helps to hide those naughty rolls.   The fabric color is described as Leopard and Anna has very cleverly combined lime green, black and pink to create this fabulous print.  The fabric it self is a good heavy type material 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex  - Dry Clean and feels soft and silky. 

The thing I love about this top is not only does it make me feel like very feminine, but its also stylish and elegant  in that its a great asset to any wardrobe.  This top makes me feel great and puts a smile on my face in the dullest of days. 

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