Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Skye Ladder - new musical venture

November of this year took me to the beautiful  Isle of Skye.  We were late going this year , normally we are up there around August each year so we catch the long days and the beautiful sunsets.   However, poor, Paul  ( hubbie) had to have a rather nasty operation on his shoulder acromioclavicular joint  which involves all sorts of nasty things like cutting off and shaving bone eeek, so we holidayed at home instead.

Anyway  in anticipation of his 50th birthday 9th of Nov  and always lacking funds, I started to sell items on ebay, with a lot of success I must say.   I managed to save up enough to rent a cottage for a week and also pay for the fuel and a new guitar for Pauls Birthday.

So anyway, we went up to the Isle of Skye and took up a guitar and keyboard and started writing songs, the result being the birth of a new duo called "Skye Ladder"  The name  comes from us wanting to move to the Isle of Skye at some point, it also is an indication of what we would like to achieve :0) 
We've published a list of songs ( below)  and are currently recording these at Neils studio in Littlebrough.

Keep checking back on the facebook page for more details re gigs and single/album releases .

1st Album due out towards the end of 2012.

1.    Respect  ( song about the riots we experienced a few months ago)
2.    Thousand
3.    When Winter comes
4.    Plastic
5.    Poor Kevin
6.    You kept away the rain
7.    Bruises
8.    November   (this is written in memory of Pauls mum, who left us sadly Nov 5th a few years ago.
9.    Its time to go  (This is a song about Skye specifically and with our lovely host  Mary in mind)
10.    Just before the Dawn



  1. So cool, just been sent the first rough mix of our new song "You Kept Away the Rain" .
    I'm sooooooooooo excited.

    So catch the very draft version here - http://soundcloud.com/skye-ladder/you-kept-away-the-rain-demo

  2. Had some press from the very nice red Rose Music blog.