Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fabulous fun collection from Style Personified - Part One

When people tell you that a models life is a bed of roses ignore them lol, its dammed hard work.
( oh and heres my new website Janie Britton model site)

As I mentioned in a previous post I was so lucky to be chosen to model for the fabulous Amanda with her new collection for Style Personified.

The day started with me getting up at 7am ,  ( I must admit to still  feeling fast asleep thanks to my dog Suzie snoring all night long, oh and hubby snoring   -  thanks guys lol) .

I''d also had a very heavy cold and my face had been very spotty and red  all week  -  so not exactly perfect for a model shoot. However, now listen ladies and gents  heres a good tip for you , hubby went out and bought some Savlon (£2.08 bargain)  for me , which I kept on applying , a bit like moisturiser throughout the week, and it did the trick, nice clear skin  - phew!.
So, anyway getting back to the day,  following the instructions from our lovely model host,   “Shave legs up to thighs  (if your  a bit of a hairy canary)", I did just that and also my underarms  - ( hairy pits are not very attractive if you're lifting your arms for instance on a photo shoot, unless its intended of course :0) ).  
Washed/Styled my hair and attempted to put a thin base foundation on my face  ( I'm very rubbish at that )  

Packed my gear and then I was ready to go, luckily the motorway was super quiet  - thanks School Hols :0) 

Phew I didnt get lost ( thanks to my trusty sat nav)  and arrived on time,  at the studio in Chorlton.
On arrival I was told that we were in the studio upstairs, so up I popped and was met by the lovely Amanda who introduced me to everybody and showed me the clothes I was going to model that day.
Oh my god , love , love , love the clothes - amazing designs for plus sized women :0) .

Managed to have a chat with the other models, it was refreshing to see that we were all a range of sizes and heights. 

Next stop   -Hair and Makeup.   I always find it interesting watching make up artists in action,  foundation and power was applied and then the makeup artist got to work on making my eyes and lashes look fabulous, with lovely tonal browns and silvers , then a slip of color on my lips and I was ready to go.

 Well now its time to get dressed  -  To be continued :00) 



  1. Can not wait to here the rest... u built it up knowing, i would be back for more! :P

  2. when do we get the rest?

    You're keeping me in suspenders here ;-)

    Lou x