Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dancing on ICE - great show but oh that female judge winds me up

  I was so annoyed yet again on Sunday whilst watching "Dancing on ICE"  - such a great show but!.

Last week the female judge requested that Chemmy who is an Olympian downhill Skier was not lifted above her partners head as she was supposedly too big.

Utter rubbish and totally inappropriate , in fact the judge also said similar this week and nobody has complained.  I mean why?   It made me so mad, in fact I'm getting mad, just thinking about it again

What sort of message is this giving out to our kids ,  do we have to be skinny in order to participate in this sport?    Has the judge actually looked at Chemmy properly, she is just a lovely curvy lady and has been paired with a chappy,  of a similar height and strength so whats the issue?.

I say get a grip,  oh yes and grow up!, and lets all be  mindful of the damage that is created by careless commens like this one.

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