Sunday, 21 October 2012

Chicken ala Autum Veg test crash - in progress people - Recipe Number - 1

What could be better, than listening to  some Skyeladder music on our cd player, singing along and inventing a new recipe from scratch on a lovely Sunday evening.

Well you're seeing is as its being made ,  so here we go, your ingredients and approximate price list is at the bottom of this page - so lets let cook.

First of all prepare the chicken,  you can get a couple of chicken breasts from your local butchers or supermarket.  Ensure that you cut off all the fat first as we want to make this as low fat as possible.
Cut the chicken into strips of around 3/4 of an inch.  If you're a bit squeamish most supermarkets will sell already prepared strips of chicken for you.

Chop up a small chilli  and add it to the chicken , ( your preference, you can leave the chillis out of the recipe if its too much heat for you or you can do what we do and remove the seeds to reduce the heat).

BTW an interesting fact for you  - according to a feature on the news last week , a bit of chilli each day promotes health/weight loss - I'm not guaranteeing this though until I've tested it :0
Oh and dont touch your face whilst touching chillies, because believe you me it flipping burns. 

Then pan fry the chicken and pepper, with a tiny amount of oil and light coating of cider or white wine
Once the chicken is cooked , put it to one side to cool.   (Very important -  ensure that the chicken is white inside, no pinkness or blood we don't want you all getting food poisoning. )

So lets get on preparing the rest of the meal. 

Next are the sprouts, we love them in our family so we are using a whole bag.

Peel the sprouts and then chop them into thin strips.  As you are chopping you'll find that some more leaves will come off , but dont worry about this as they will crisp up beautifully in the oven.

Next take a whole bulb of  garlic and grate it  ( if you're not a fan then just try a couple of cloves) .
The great thing about grating it is that the skin is left behind, so no more  having to struggle peeling the little devil !. 

Oh shall we do the ginger next, same principle, grate the ginger , you can buy fresh ginger from most grocers.
Again we love the stuff , so use a big chunk, but its entirely up to you guys as to how much you want to use.

Mix the garlic and ginger together. 

Next step is to Pop the sliced spouts into a baking tray and add the garlic and the ginger.

Add about a two desert spoon's of olive oil or if you haven't got it vegetable oil, stir ensuring that the sprouts get a good coating of the garlic/ginger mixture.

Next Chop up Carrots and one pepper and julienne them  - for anybody who doesn't know what julienne is , its a method of cutting an item into thin strips or in my case chunky.

Add the carrots and pepper to the spouts ( garlic and ginger mixture) , toss until coated and add to a pre-warmed oven Gas mark 6  for around 60 minutes.  Ensure you give the them a toss every 10 minutes to ensure they cook equally.


So whos for some celeriac chips then?
Take a Celeriac , you know the round hard thing you get from the grocers,.  Chop off the root, peel it and slice into chip sized portions.   ( a tip for you, if you are not using the celeriac chips straight away , pop them in a bowl of cold water with a plate on top to keep them nice and fresh) .

BTW if you dont have a celeriac and have a swede or indeed a pumpkin as its nearly Halloween then , they'll will do just as well. 

Put the resulting chips into a baking trip, lightly drizzle and sprinkle some Garlic lovers grinder on  (you can get it from Tescos, but its basically dried Garlic and Pepper).

Again when you've completed the above, pop the celeriac chips into the oven Gas mark 6 for around 50 minutes.The chips will take around 5 minutes less than the sprouts/carrotts/pepper tray. Again same thing toll them every 10 minutes to ensure they cook equally.

Okay we're now had the sprouts in for 20 minutes and the celerac in for 15 minutes  - so its time for the 2nd tossing.  You should start to notice that the sprouts are taking on a slight browny color.

On with the mushrooms !,
Take a small tray of  mushrooms and roughly chop, the rougher the better :0) , add them to the sprout/carrot and pepper backing tray and pop back into the oven to continue their baking.

When you're about five minutes away add some Parmesan to taste to the sprouts/carrots mixture  ( dont use too much otherwise you;ll drown out the natural flavors).

Next add the chicken and chilli that you prepared earlier to the sprouts/carrots mixture and pop it back in the oven for another 10  minutes until the chicken is lovely and hot.

So  heres the finished article  , we've tried it and all I can say is yum , yum, yum.
Not bad for an experiment and super healthy :0), .

Ingredients to feed a family of four
2  x Chicken Breasts
1x small Chilli
1 x medium sized Pepper
1 bulb of Garlic
1 small bag of Sprouts
4 big Carrots
1 small tub of Mushrooms
Black Pepper to taste
Fresh Ginger to taste
1 whole medium sized Celeriac
Parmesan to taste
Veg or Olive Oil

Approximate Cost - £8.03
Chicken -  £2.60 ( Fresh for 3 breasts its £4.00 or you can go for frozen which is slightly cheaper)

Chilli - £0.10
Pepper - £0.80
Garlic - £0.12

Sprouts  - £0.90
Carrots -  £0.20 - ( $1.00 for a bag) 
Mushrooms  - £1.00 ( tescos sell packs for £2.00)
Black Pepper - £0.01
Ginger -  £0.10
Celeriac -£1.00
Parmesan -  £1.00
Veg/Olive Oil - £0.02

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