Saturday, 27 October 2012

Search for a winter coat - its cold! - Open to reviews


So its cold outside, first snow of Winter has fallen on the East side of the country and this is the time I start to think about getting a warm winter coat. 

So before I start , let me issue a statement to all the shops out there that believe that this years Winters plus sized trend is all about Padded and quilted coats. 

Wrong! errmmm no thanks it just makes bigger girls like moi, look like we're wearing our duvet and makes us look twice as big as well. I know some people like them but in my opinion its a big no.

I'm looking for a coat that is warm, preferably wool , non of this pretend wool stuff that I've seen a lot of online this morning. Also instead of designing a coat with straight lines , which by the way does nothing for us shapely girlies. Lets have elegant lines with some tailored fitting , designers we need you to have some vision and make the most of our curves, please do not hide us in a sack.

Also another of my pet hates!, believe you me, we are not afraid to be seen in color. We like other colors , so you dont need to stick to dark grey, navy and black, we are happy to wear for instance red or Turquoise or even bright pink, I know shocking , isnt it!. We will not run screaming into a cupboard and yell out unclean, unclean at the sight of a tailored colorful coat.

Looking at whats currently out there affordable coat wise , I really am losing the will to live. What I am looking for is a good warm , wool, tailored, colorful ie not black/navy coat that I feel good in. It also needs to be a reasonable price, I'm not rich and I know a lot of my readers are in the same boat, with regards finances. 

Answer's on a post card please, happy to review any coats sent in, get in touch via

Designers if you;re up for the challenge, I'd be happy to hear from you, I'm a size 20/22 in most things  - here's my current measurements xx

Name: Janie Britton
Location:  North West Lancashire
Hair - Dark Brown shoulder length
Eyes - Hazel
Height 5:8
Shoe - Size 8 EE,
Bust Cup size C - 125cm
Waist 118 cms
Hips 124 cms
Dress size 20/22 dependent on retailer


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  1. I bought a lovely dove grey frock coat from Evans last year, and will be wearing it this year too - it's very well cut and flattering. A jazzier colour would be nice though