Thursday, 18 October 2012

Healthy Eating and moi Low Carb sort of

Hello all I'm Janie Britton , I'm 44  ( 45 on Christmas Eve, dont forget the pressies :0) ) .
I'm 5:8 and have been overweight , well since I was born I think.  I have high BP and Diabetes Type II and since hitting 40 I have been allergic to tons of stuff.

The reason I have embarked on this expedition I guess you could call it, is to improve my health.
 I'm not necessarily bothered what size I am , however if I manage to open a few more doors to some of the clothes shops out there , then so be it lol.

For years I have been fighting with my weight, ask my sister she will tell you .
I've always been volumtious , or as my mum used to say when she was alive  "you;re just big boned" or in everybody else's eyes Fat lol.

The amounts of times I've been on the latest fad diet were you  seem to loose weight then pile it back on again and some.  It seems that you starve your body of essential nutrients and then it hits you the next time around because it thinks your're in starvation mode and just stores more and more fat.Then it makes you feel even worse because you have lumps on your bumps and you eat more, oh its a vicious circle!.

The amount of money I have wasted joining gyms as part of my New Years resolutions and just let it slide, basically because I found it too darned boring .  Or I was basically intimidated by all the "Beautiful People".

Well at least and this sounds a bit cheesy hey, but I seem to have found a good balance in loosing weight and controling my blood sugar count  - result.
So over the next few weeks, I'm going to show you what I do for  exercise and also publish meal recipes that seem to suit me.

Remember these are things that work for me, you may need to tweak them to ensure they work for you.
I've tried to add prices to the recipes  so that you can see how cheap it is to make your own food and also added pictures and instructions.

I'm also going to take pictures of myself and tell you how much I weigh  - blimey I'm brave. 

Hope I can help some of you.

Remember this is not a diet , its a lifestyle change.

Disclaimer  -this is my healthy eating plan, its something that works for me, I hope it works for you as well but be aware that you probably need to tweak, depending on what suits you re your dietary requirements ( allergies , medication clashes) /your fitness and overall medical condition.  Same goes for exercise,  I saw my doctor first to ensure what I was doing suited me and didn't stress or create any additional issues, I recommend you do the same.

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  1. Can not wait Janie.. I will be giving them a try!! :P - so your not alone!!!